Few Purposes for Valuation and Revaluation of Assets


01) Submission Income Tax Returns

02) Expansion of Business

03) Amalgamation or Mergers of Ventures

04) Payments of Capital Gain Tax

05) Payments of Gift Tax

06) Dissolution of Partnership

07) Rent Vis-A-Vis Depreciation

08) Assessment of Jewellery Value

09) Transfer of Property

10) Purchase \ Sale of Property

11) Availing of term Loan or Cash Credit Facility

12) Obtaining Bank Guarantees

13) Applying \ Obtaining Housing Loans

14) Asset Division During Family Partition, and resulting Taxation Matters

15) Settlements of Divorce Claims and Valuation of Assets Involved

16) Setting dues While Vacating Premises

17) Determining Values of Transaction in the Absence of Invoices.

18) Obtaining adequate and Timely Insurance

19) Payment of Stamp Duty as Per Stamp Act

20) Claiming Compensation under Land Acquisition Act 1984

21) Attending to matters Pertaining to

(A) Charity Commissioner

(B) Registrar of Co. Opr. Societies office

(C) Court Matters

22) Obtaining Visas

23) Deciding Reserve Price in Auctioning

24) Octroi Payment

25) ObtainingS.S.I.Registration

26) Personal Planning Through Will

27) In case of Devaluation of Rupee and the subsequent Reassessment ofValues

28) Floating of new Issues

29) Obtaining advance against Works Contract

30) Applying for Incentives

31) Payment of Security Deposit

32)Claims for Duty Drawbacks and Exports Incentives

33)Seeking Foreign Collaborationof Technical Know How

34) Payments of Customs Duty.



(Records of permanent documents (whichever is applicable)



01) Conveyance Deed

02) Lease Agreement

03) Allotment Letters With Agreements

A) With M.I.D.C.

B) Co. Opr. Society

04) Property Register Card

05) City Survey Plan / Map

06) 7\12 Utara (Govt. RevenueProperty Right Extract)

07) Khate Utara ( Govt. RevenueProperty Right Extract)

08) Non-Agriculture Permission OrderU\S 44 of M.L.R.C

Or Order U\S 45 Of M.L.R.C.(with fulfillments of all conditions)

09) Contour Survey Plan

10) Measurement Plan From D.L.R. Office

11) Urban Land Ceiling Orders

A) U\S8\4., 9\3.,

B)U.L.C Retention Map.

C) U.L.C Exemption Order U\S 21.,20

D) Extension of Time Limit to above Orders

12) Order of Local Authority for Layout Approval

13) Layout Plan

14) Order of local authority if land is to bedeveloped under accommodation reservationproposal under Govt. G.R.

15) In case of Inami land the conversion orderand details of amount paid to govt.

16) The Devp. Charges receipt of local authority

17) All the Mutation Entry from talathi & Record office if land belongs to Harijan or Adivasi.

18) Order U\S 22 of U.L.C if the land is under Redevelopment.

19) Order U\S 26 of U.L.C



(01) Sanctioned Building Plan

(02) Building Completion Certificate

(03) R.C.C. Plans and Design of Building

(04) Machinery Foundation Drawing

(05) Structural Stability Certificate

(06) Internal Lighting Drawing

(07) Sanitary And Others Details Drawing

(08) Receipt Of House Tax & Other Tax Applicable

(09) in case of part construction the notice of commencement, plinth completion,& otherformalities as per commencement order



(01) N.O.C. of Director of Industries

(02) N.O.C. from Chief Inspector of Factories

(03) N.O.C from Water Pollution Board

(04) N.O.C. from Fire Brigade

(05) N.O.C. of Power allocation etc.



It is necessary for the valuer to obtained following records so that in case of imported machine as impact of inflationary pressure and devaluation of rupees, custom duty etc. are the factors which are taken into account while doing revaluation of assets.

(01) Basic correspondence

(02) Purchase order

(03) Bill & Invoice

(04) Bill of Landing\Shipments

(05) Receipts of duty paid

(06) Cost of transit insurance

(07) (a) Cost of transportation

(b) Shipment\ handling till the point of installation

(08) Detail technical catalogs



(01) Whether the purpose of valuation is clearly recorded

(02) Whether the date, time and place of inspection is recorded

(03) whether the name\names of the person who assisted and identified is recorded

(04) Whether the amount\s of valuation is recorded in figure and words correctly

(05) Signature, seal, registration and its validity

(06) Whether the data of sale instances is recorded

(07) If the land is affected by any new development proposals, or proposal given by govt. or local govt.(like D. P. Reservations, Roads, changes in Zoning, Express\ National\ StateHighway Proposal, it should be clearlymark in plans and its value is to be define properly

(08) If the land is developed under accommodation reservation, proposalsthe handing over the formalities of the properties to be given to local authority is observed or not